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Kids & Alcohol - How to talk to your kids about alcohol

Everything you need up front!

Here's what you get:

✔️ Videos to watch with your kids all about alcohol. I've done the work for you.

✔️ How to share your own drinking behaviours and why this is important to do

✔️ Bonus videos to help you strengthen your relationship with your kids and support them to cope socially

✔️ Downloadable fact sheets containing frequently asked questions

This is one of the most important conversations you will have with your kids.


What People Are Saying:

This course should be required viewing for all parents of pre-teens and teenagers. Bella delivers relevant information and common-sense tools that every family can use today, with a perfect combination of professionalism, compassion, experience and humour. The kid's modules are engaging, and talks directly to them, not at them. I just wish I had this when my kids were younger. A fabulous resource for every family.

Noelene Brown, The Rural Sobriety Coach