2-Week Alcohol-Free "Kick Start Your Motivation" Program

Reignite your zest for life

with the support of me, Isabella, an experienced Alcohol Counsellor  and co-host of the Not Drinking Today Podcast



My signature program, The Alcohol Revolution, will guide you through your first 2 weeks of drinking less. Get daily coachable support and change the way you think about the drink long term. This program is a self-guided video course (dropped on a weekly basis in advance)

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The Alcohol Revolution 

A 2-Week Motivation Program to Kick Start Your Alcohol-Free Goals

An Online Course Designed to Motivate

This is for you if...

✔️ You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired because of how much you drink

✔️ You want motivation and inspiration to kick start your mission to drink less and the time is now

✔️ You want a program created by an alcohol counsellor which is effective and motivating

✔️ You are finding it hard to drink less alone

✔️ You are a Grey Area Drinker or sober curious

✔️ You know you can feel & look a whole lot better with less alcohol in your life 


Please note: This program not for you if you are physically addicted to alcohol.  If this is you, please discuss your alcohol use with a medical professional as soon as possible.




"Listen to that inner voice"

Never stop listening to that inner voice that has been gently (perhaps loudly?!) telling you to stop drinking. This is my top advice to clients. Most of us ignore this voice for too long.

This 2-Week program provides you with motivation you need to get started (or back on track) with your mission to drink less.

The content was created by me, a registered counsellor, using the techniques I use in my private practice.

After 2-weeks of being alcohol free your body will be thanking you! It will tell you to keep going.



Videos for each day (plus bonus videos) dropped every week covering these essential alcohol freedom topics:

Starting With Focus & Intention

7 videos in week one

Start strong and imprint the gravitas of this challenge firmly in your mind. Explore topics like:

  • Why do you need to stop now?
  • How to deal with the 5pm - 8pm risk window?
  • What is the alcohol trap?
  • What are your red flags?
  • How to combat the sugar, stress & alcohol loop?
  • How to nourish your nervous system?
  • How to surf the urge?
  • How to identify and address social anxiety and more.

Keeping the momentum going strong

7 videos in week two

Keep your momentum going strong with these topics:

  • Sober socialising
  • Alcohol voice
  • Alcohol-induced lows
  • Playing the tape forward and visualising success
  • Thriving AF, and
  • End with some goal setting around your future alcohol plans

Important week designed to motivate to propel you forward.


All of your questions are answered below!

As part of this purchase you will receive:

The Alcohol Revolution Ebook

The Alcohol Revolution Ebook

This Ebook accompanies my signature 6 Week Challenge. It contains all of the reflection sheets, including reframe tools, your personal alcohol plan and much more.


I'm Isabella and I help people to drink less alcohol

I am a registered counsellor, a This Naked Mind and Grey Area Drinking Master Coach, an Intuitive Eating Counsellor and podcast host of the Not Drinking Today Podcast. I am a mum, step-mum, recovered lawyer and an alcohol-free woman.

At the start I drank alcohol to socialise, then to relieve stress during my legal career, then to help ease my parenting fatigue until I found that I was drinking just to feel normal.

My 6-week Alcohol Revolution Program contains all the techniques that worked for me plus a whole lot more. 

My personal story can be found in episode 3 the Not Drinking Today podcast.

If I can do this you can too.

Isabella xo


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  • Daily Videos (14 videos plus) with content for each week ahead dropped in advance
  • Curated weekly and mid-weekly emails from me
  • Companion Ebook


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  • Daily Videos (14 videos plus) with content for each week ahead dropped in advance)
  • Curated weekly and mid-weekly emails from me
  • Ebook

Here is a sobering statistic that we should all know about:

It takes the average person 11 years to actually do something about their drinking

You deserve the investment today

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