My signature alcohol-free program, The Alcohol Revolution, will guide you through 6 weeks of drinking less alcohol. The Alcohol Revolution can be purchased as either a video course or a podcast version.

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Does this sound familiar? 


You create endless rules around when, what and how much you can drink but they all inevitably end up failing


You feel caught in cycle of "being good", drinking too much and waking up full of regret, trapped on the hamster wheel


It's been a long day, you need to get through dinner, kids and work; your wine is your only reward. It quickly turns into a bottle.


Why not try a different approach to drinking less?

My 6 week program will transform the way you think and behave around alcohol so that you no longer desire it.

It is not a band-aid approach. It is an evidenced-based program that is rich on content, compassion and support and light on rules and deprivation. 


Is That You Will Drink Less & Keep Your Social Life

It is hard to imagine a life without alcohol. I get it but hand on heart I promise that you can socialise and live a much happier and healthier life without it. I do it everyday and I wouldn't change a thing.

I am there with you sharing my stories along the way. I have been where you are and can relate to the challenges. My program will empower you to reach your drinking less goals.

The Alcohol Revolution 

A 6-Week Alcohol-Free Challenge

Online or via Podcast, Self-Study and Self-Paced

This is for you if...

  • you would like to take a 30-day break (or more) and feel the amazing¬†benefits that come with it
  • you want to drink less¬†but are finding it hard to do so alone
  • you are a Grey Area Drinker meaning you drink regularly and are sick of it but you are not physically addicted

[Please note: It is not for you if you are physically addicted to alcohol.  If this is you, please discuss your alcohol use with a medical professional as soon as possible.]


Here is a taster of Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of my program

In Day 7, you'll touch on my top 10 drinking red flags. 

In Day 2, explore why you want to drink less and why the time is now!

 In Day 4, you'll switch your alcohol awareness antennas on. Why? All change happens on the other side of awareness

There are 42 Days of video content packed full of coaching knowledge, including reframes around drinking to cope with stress, loneliness, rewards, hidden drinking, moderation.



This is what you will get:

Your Why's & Your Fears

Start with intention. Start strong and imprint the gravitas of this mission firmly in your mind. Explore why you drink the way you do, your deep fears at stopping, why now & your hopes at transforming into the best version of you that deserves so much more. Remind yourself why.

Starting Line Pep Talk

Socialising will be strange at first. Let's discuss what to say to your friends and how to navigate social situations feeling empowered and strong. Let's keep your eye on the prize and the health risks of alcohol and the benefits of stopping and how to cease the blame, shame cycle.

What We Need to Know About Alcohol

Explore why you feel relief when we drink then why we feel anxious, why alcohol takes our joy in everyday things away, why no body is immune from alcohol and its tentacles and why alcohol is more than just a simple habit. Learning this is a game changer.

Why You Drink the Way You Do

Discover why your drinking behaviour is more than just a simple habit and why it extends into beliefs and assumptions that you have gathered over the course of your life. You will work out why it has felt so hard relying on your willpower alone to stop and be empowered to change your habit a different way that makes sense to you.  

Reframe: Drinking to Relax and De-stress

Do you reach for a drink after a long day? Or when you are feeling stressed? Or when you are busy, overwhelmed with life and are desperate for a quick fix to calm you down? Is this a habit that helps get you through the witching hour? Let's explore and reframe your need to drink to relax.

Reframe: Drinking to Fit-in

Do you drink to socialise, to fit-in, to have fun, to celebrate and connect with your friends and family? Do you drink to network or at work functions, work drinks or happy hour? This is perfectly normal as drinking goes hand in hand with nearly every social thing we do. Let's explore and reframe your need to drink to socialises or fit-in.

Reframe: Drinking at the Self Level

Drinking to socialise is one thing but drinking for reasons connected with the "self" is another thing all together and is also exceptionally common.  Is your drinking connected to feelings of self worth, confidence, loneliness, or as a reward? Let's explore this and untangle alcohol from your sense of identity and self.

The Truth About Moderation

It is no secret that moderating alcohol is bloody hard. It is an addictive substance and moderating is designed to fail. However that has not stopped the strongest of humans from trying. If you would like to moderate it is best to do so informed about the pros and the cons and understand what the red flags are if you try moderating after a taking a break.

Future You & The Way Forward

Now for the exciting part, create your personal plan around alcohol going forward including what your alcohol-free period is or when you might start moderating again, whether you are liberated or fixated, what your non-negotiables and what to do if you cross the line in the sand. Ending on a positive, let's visualise happy and proud future you.

As part of the Premium Bundle you will also get...

immediate access to The Alcohol Freedom Library

Alcohol Freedom Library

You get immediate access to a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you drink less, including how to get through urges and cravings, calming meditations and breath work to regulate your nervous system, socialising tips and frequently asked questions.

The Alcohol Revolution Ebook

This Ebook accompanies my signature 6 Week Challenge. It contains all of the reflection sheets, including reframe tools, your personal alcohol plan and much more.


Get The Best Value


$199 AUD

Top features

  • Daily Video support over 6 weeks of your challenge (42 videos plus)
  • The Alcohol Freedom¬†Library Access
  • The Podcast
  • Companion Ebook
  • Access to personal advice by emailing me an alcohol-related question answered via video and placed¬†in the Library for you¬†
  • $250 off 1:1 private counselling sessions with me


$42 AUD

Most Popular

  • Daily audio podcast episodes to support you over the 6 weeks of your challenge (42 plus episodes)
  • Companion Ebook
  • The audio is exactly the same as the video¬†version (just in audio format only)

Life before this program

  • Groundhog day
  • The alcohol merry-go-round
  • Attempting and breaking your moderation rules
  • Feeling trapped and regretful
  • Endless "day ones"

Life after this program

  • Relief, strength, empowerment
  • Hangover free mornings
  • The best sleep in the world
  • Self respect, self trust and self love
  • Energy, revitalisation and motivation
  • Excitement and hope in your future restored
  • Cancer risks reduced
  • Less bloating, clear skin and eyes and joy

This is why I know it works

Listen to what my clients are saying

 "Comprehensive, well-presented and an incredibly informative program!"


"Your course is a great asset to have as it is in lovely bite sized chunks of information that can be digested at your own pace. Thanks again for helping me reframe my beliefs and being a great listener!"


"When it comes to conversations around alcohol, even as society is changing, and learning, there is still so much shame and stigma attached to this drug. From my first session with Isabella I felt that I was in a safe space, and was welcomed to start making some big changes in my life. I learnt that shame really grows in the dark, and Isabella helped me shine a light on this so that I could learn to forgive myself, be kind to myself and in turn, remove the need for alcohol as a coping mechanism from my life, I reached my 35th birthday meeting my goals and have been able to welcome in the new year confident in staying sober. I feel that the fusion between email check in, zoom meetings, resources provided and also further recommendations of external resources from Isabella provided a full-circle service that I was very satisfied with. Thank you Isabella."


"I came to Isabella feeling pretty low and desperate to stop binge drinking. Isabella made me feel welcomed and gave me a plan to change the way I drank. I probably wasn't the easiest of clients but Isabella kept encouraging me and I have found that I am a much happier person on the side."




I'm Isabella and I help people to drink less alcohol

I am a registered counsellor, a This Naked Mind and Grey Area Drinking Master Coach, an Intuitive Eating Counsellor and podcast host of the Not Drinking Today Podcast. I am a mum, step-mum, recovered lawyer and an alcohol-free woman.

At the start I drank alcohol to socialise, then to relieve stress during my legal career, then to help ease my parenting fatigue until I found that I was drinking just to feel normal.

My 6-week Alcohol Revolution Program contains all the techniques that worked for me plus a whole lot more. 

My personal story can be found in episode 3 the Not Drinking Today podcast.

If I can do this you can too.

Isabella xo


Take $250 off my 1-on-1 Session Plans

If you purchase The Alcohol Revolution in video format and then decide that you would also like 1-on-1 Counselling & Coaching Sessions with me, I guarantee that I will deduct $250 (the cost of The Alcohol Revolution) off my 6 Week Counselling Plan or 12 Week Counselling Plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

6-Weeks Alcohol Free

Invest now to feel better tomorrow


$199 AUD

Top features

  • Daily Video support over 6 weeks of your challenge (42 videos plus)
  • The Alcohol Freedom¬†Library Access
  • The Podcast
  • Companion Ebook
  • Access to personal advice by emailing me an alcohol-related question answered via video and placed¬†in the Library for you¬†
  • $250 off 1:1 private counselling sessions with me



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  • The Podcast
  • Ebook