February Freedom Group Coaching Challenge

Group 1 is SOLD OUT!

If you are interested in signing up for a February Group Challenge, click the image and register your interest. I'll make contact very quickly after that to inform you about the start date for the next challenge.

My challenges comprise a small group (8 people max) of individuals all seeking to learn, support each other and drink less alcohol. You will gain inspiration, motivation and accountability from a community of individuals who share the same or similar goals around alcohol as you.

In summary, this Challenge includes:

- A private one-on-one 50 minute session with me

- 4 x 50 minute group coaching call on Sundays at 6pm (Sydney time),

- Access to your community group for sharing and support

We will cover a range of alcohol freedom topics, including how to deal with cravings and triggers, reframing negative beliefs and practical tips about how to regulate your nervous system.

Sign up or email if you are interested.

The Alcohol Revolution 6 Week Online Program

Are you ready to join The Alcohol Revolution and drink less? This is an evidence-based cognitive behavioural change program designed to  change the way you think about and behave around alcohol forever.

Seek the Summit 8 Week Group Coaching Path (Thriving in Life Alcohol Free / Alcohol Neutral Life)

This is for you are presently alcohol free or alcohol neutral and re looking to move into a new phase of living in which you are ready to capitalise on your newfound clarity and energy post alcohol and feel fully alive. It's all about defining what success means to you and building a roadmap that supports you to thrive. Future you. Self Confidence. Empowerment and authenticity. 

Free Companion Ebook to The Alcohol Revolution

This Ebook contains the reflection sheets referred to in the online program and podcast 

The Alcohol Revolution 6 Week Podcast

A 6-Week alcohol challenge providing you with support, tools and coaching techniques to transform the way you think about alcohol. 

My bite-sized daily podcasts for each day of the 6-week challenge are designed to shift the way you view alcohol, examining your beliefs around alcohol and providing new awareness around why you drink the way you do and what alcohol actually does to you that lures you in. 


The Alcohol Freedom Library

This library contains invaluable resources, answers to FAQ, tools and tactics to help you find freedom from alcohol no matter where you are on the alcohol spectrum.  Purchase this course as a stand alone product now.  Alternatively the Library is FREE with the purchase of The Alcohol Revolution online program 


Kids & Alcohol - How to talk to your kids about alcohol

This course is for parents seeking some support, tools and tips on how to deliver their alcohol awareness message to their kids and to do so in a way that is effective so that they actually take this information on board!  This course provides videos on what alcohol does to our bodies (that you can watch with your kids) and how to share your own personal story around alcohol. Additionally, it contains amazing information on tools that you can share with your kids to help them cope with social nerves and how to trust their own decisions so that they are less susceptible to peer pressure.  It provides peace of mind to all parents!

Your Community


This community is for everybody that is looking for some extra support, motivation and inspiration to reach your alcohol free goals. *This community is fresh and new (just started 20 January 2024) so allow some time for membership and momentum to grow!)